Your Creative Mind has a particular quality and presence. It will not yield up its treasure until we create a place for it to exist. We need a moment of sanctuary - to slow down, listen, allow the unique vision of our creative intelligence to gently impact us.

So - take a breath. Let yourself arrive.
Close your eyes.
Breathe into your body.
Focus on your question. 
Click to spin the VM™ Soul Compass.
Click to stop the spinner.
Select your card.
Notice what feelings and thoughts arise in response to the card.
Breathe in the image and word.
Let the experience land in your body.
There may be no words - just a sense.  

You can double-click on the image to zoom in. Take a journey into the interior of the image. Notice where your eye wants to explore or rest. The hidden world within the image may illuminate the hidden world within your question. Let your imagination travel. Find a place within the image where you feel free, safe, excited, connected or unknowing. 

You can take this further with writing. Have a piece of paper to hand. What are your first feelings toward the card? Headlines are fine. Let yourself go a little deeper below the first layer of your logical mind. The image may take you to an answer or to more questions. Let yourself go further if you feel curious. You will quite naturally find a stopping point.

We hear our Soul through our inner voice. The Soul's directive is to move beyond false perceptions, emotional deadends, and mental prisons. Our Soul directs us towards wholeness, sovereignty, inclusion, and freedom. 

Your Creative Mind is a compass.

About the Soul Compass

When we formulate a question and direct our intention towards receiving an answer the universal Creative Mind responds. An oracle is the voice of your soul, offering its wisdom in response to your questions, intentions and desires.

Visual Medicine™ is a very contemporary oracle. It puts you in touch with your own inner voice. The true purpose of an oracle is not to predict the future, but to bring us wholly into the present so that we can become conscious creators in partnership with our future.

When you ask questions and seek guidance you enter the field of soul. You feel it in your body -- a movement from closed to open; a feeling, a thought that leads you to the clarity and freedom you seek.

Your creative intelligence is in relationship with the creative genius that lives within everything. This is how you enter into creative partnership with your world.


How to use the Visual Medicine™ Soul Compass

VMtm Soul Compass replicates the way our minds work. Our first language is visual. Our second language is verbal. It consists of 49 Image Cards, and 49 Word Cards. Hold your question in your heart, tap the spinner, and the Soul Compass will share with you an image-and-word combination that is a message from your soul.

Here are some simple ways to use the VMtm Soul Compass:

Take a moment to tune into what you really want to know. Write your question down or hold it in your body-mind.

Because your soul only longs for us to grow and become whole questions that call for a yes or no answer aren’t particularly suited to this enquiry.

Instead, ask the deeper questions:

  • How can I better understand this relationship?
  • How can I heal______?
  • What do I need to learn from this experience?
  • How can I earn more money?
  • What do I need to know, in order to find a loving partner?

Tap the spinner to start. Tap it stop. Tap it to reveal your Soul Compass card.

Before your conscious mind kicks in, simply breathe in the image and word that the Soul Compass offers you. Let the card permeate your being with its presence.

Notice how you feel. Notice where you feel the energy flowing in your body. Keeping your gaze soft and open, experience the sensations in your body, whatever they may be.

Once you’ve shared an experience with the cards, jot down your first, brief impressions. You can return to the cards as often as you wish, going deeper each time.


Writing with your VMtm Soul Compass

Write your question on a piece of paper or in your journal. Use the Soul Compass. You may have an initial response towards the card: welcoming it, slightly pulling away, or a vague disorientation as you adjust to this new fusion of image and word.

There is no right or wrong way to receive a card. Being aware of your response can enrich your enquiry, furthering your understanding of both the issue and the answer. Let the word act as a key to decode what the card wants to tell you about your question.

If you get stuck, take a breath and bring your attention softly to the card, gently finding a way back into the image and continue writing. When you arrive at an organic stopping place read through what you have written. Breathe….

If you want to read some examples of Soul Compass journalling click here.

When we feel uncomfortable with a card it can offer as much richness as when your body opens. For example: if you receive a card with the word SABOTAGING, you will probably feel disappointed, possibly asking yourself what have you done to get this! But if you allow the meaning to reveal itself through writing you can find another meaning where your soul’s wisdom might be positively sabotaging an outmoded way of relating that needs to be disrupted. Stay open and allow your conversation to unfold.

Sometimes, you actually feel as if a door is opening when you click into your right-brain. A gentle rule of thumb: when we give attention to the feelings and sensations in the body, we find ourselves, often effortlessly in the flow of our hidden thoughts and feelings. The body guides us through cellular intelligence by peeling back sensations and thoughts until we arrive at an authentic answer. And we know this by the organic feeling of ahhhhh…a sense of feeling found, coming home, knowing something that we couldn’t know until it revealed the truth of itself in that moment.


Another way of using the Soul Compass

Let your card offer a resting place and sanctuary for healing. This image is an icon through which you can step into a healing experience outside of words. Softly breathe the image and word into your field of awareness. Let the image speak to you. Notice how your body feels, where you feel the energy in your body; track the energy as it changes, breathe into the part of your body where you feel the energy gathering while softly focusing on the card. Allow your energy to circulate – trust the path of your internal flow and healing. You can take notes. Rest with the card. If you have one, you can add this to your Visual Medicine healing journal.