Creative energy runs through you onto the page. The painting unfurls in conversation...

Visual Medicine™ images are an inner compass. 
Ask a question. 
Delve deep.
Allow your answer to emerge. 

Go beneath old patterns and mental chatter.
Your Creative Mind
is your guide.


Visual Medicine™ is a spiritual creative practice. It combines the radical simplicity of a unique no-brush painting technique with a freestyle writing process and visual meditation.

Creating this way allows something truly extraordinary to happen. Exquisitely complex images arise in soulful communication. Painting becomes a conversation. 

You too can learn to paint effortlessly flowing, profoundly intriguing images. Visual Medicine™ is a practice of mindful creating. Paint without a fixed idea of what an image should look like and discover the authentic identity of the painting – the painting that is already there waiting for you. This transformational framework allows you to become a creative explorer - images become like oracles emerging in creative dialogue. 

Visual Medicine™ is not only a practice for making extraordinary, flowing paintings - it is a portal to your Creative Mind. You can see issues, even difficult-to-navigate problems from a different position.  It can help you answer questions like: Where am I in my life? How can I find a loving partner? How can I be a better parent, partner, boss, friend? How can I earn more money? How can I live more joyfully, creatively, abundantly? Creative Mindful inquiry with paint, energy and soul. 

 ​Visual Medicine™ reveals answers that already exist within the universe of your own Creative Mind...